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Welcome to the Games and Toys section of Product Siege.  There are computer games, board games, and even online java-based games.  Play games online and win wonderful prizes and cash, or get excellent deals on free software from companies like IBM and EA Sports.  Your gaming needs will be met with the following retailers provided below.  PC/Windows - Nintendo - Sony PlayStation - Dreamcast - Gameboy - XBOX - and GameCube, all available through our extensive selection of retailers like Codemasters, Funcom, Goblin Direct, GameStop and Lik Sang, the Video Game Specialists.  These retailers offer the best in console and PC hardware, software, games, and accessories to take your gaming experience to the next level.  Now, you can even rent those hot titles that you cant find at the retailers.  You can rent PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox games, with no due dates, late fees, or shipping charges at GameFly!

As per our promise hear at Product Siege, not only do we promise to provide an enjoyable, "Safe-Shopping Environment"  but wish to provide alternatives and to promote those companies that wish to take a stand against offensive material on the net.  One of those companies is the Chirstian game developer, N'Lightning Software.  N'Lightning Software's Christian game company is dedicated to providing the gaming community with high quality Christian computer games that have a historical and biblical basis.  N'Lightning Software is an innovator of biblically-based, Christian computer games that provide hours of fun, challenge, and enjoyment. is now back and better than ever providing some wonderful children's toys including LeapFrog, LEGO, Fisher-Price and Little Tikes.  Visit Hobbytron for battlebots and everything electronic related.  Red Wagons offers 4 general categories of wagons; Steel, Wood, Steel with Wood Sides, and Plastic also providing the classic Radio Flyer brand wagons.  If its a game or toy, Product Siege will help you find it!

Shopping Specials, Savings, Discounts, & Promotions

Periodically, certain specials will be offered by the various retailers currently listed with Product Siege.  These promotions will be updated as often as the retailers offer them, and will include: specials, coupons, discounts, free shipping and handling, and extra savings that are passed on to you by Product Siege and its partners.  Each link will directly lead you to that retailer's promotion, or main home page.  NOTE: Not all retailers below will necessarily list promotions and discounts.

▼ 3000 Free Goodies ▼

Free Games

Want to win $1,000,000? Your web guide to the latest online Free Contests, Free Games & Free Lotteries.

▼ Are You Game ▼

Are You - The Web's best selection of > board games, brain teasers and puzzles.

Board games and puzzles have been gift essentials for decades, and online shopping is clearly changing the way shoppers are purchasing gifts this year. San Francisco-based Are You is filling a niche that the biggest e-stores have left "on the table." With more than 1500 items in stock, Are You is the undisputed leader of this core gift category. From board games to puzzles; from brain teasers to murder mysteries, Are You is the Web- shoppers' best source for the old favorites from companies like Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley, as well as the hard-to-find games and puzzles of the small boutique manufacturers.

▼ Codemasters▼

Playstation 2 Games

XBox Games - Buy Now

Computer Games - Click Here

Codemasters develops and publishes video games for Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft consoles and PCs. Codemasters also develops and publishes multi-player and persistent world games for on-line Internet and interactive play.

Established in 1986, Codemasters has a wealth of experience in the creation and publishing of computer/video games. Consistent success is reflected in the more than 1,000 weeks Codemasters' games have spent at Number One in the UK charts and the more than 60 #1 hits across Europe. Voted 'Publisher of the Year' in 1998 by Edge Magazine, Europe's leading gaming consumer journal, Codemasters continues to grow into the global marketplace.

▼ Disney Store ▼

Banner 10000162

Celebrate "100 Years of Magic" at's new Disney Gallery is the premier online superstore for Disney products, including great selections of collectibles, home décor, clothing toys, top-selling Mini Bean Bags, and more. From Mickey to Pooh, Princesses to Buzz Lightyear, you're sure to find your favorite characters.

▼ eToys ▼

Choose from thousands of toys, games and learning activities at eToys, where new toys and great ideas come to you

Shop at eToys for interactive activities from LeapFrog, the toys that make learning fun

eToys is happy to announce the grand re-opening of the new eToys online store. You can once again enjoy your favorite features like Shop By Age, Gift Center, Gift Wrap, and Wish List. They'll also bring you the same first-class customer service and dependable delivery through their high-tech fulfillment operations. Finally, you'll still be able to shop for the trusted brand names you've always found at eToys - Brio, LEGO, Fisher-Price, Little Tikes, as well as Learning Curve favorites like Lamaze developmental toys and LeapFrog!

▼ Funcom ▼

Buy The Longest Journey

Click here to buy Anarchy Online

Click here to visit the Funcom Online Store

Funcom is a world leading developer and publisher of online entertainment.
Since 1993 they have provided the market with electronic entertainment, and have in close cooperation with companies like Disney and Sony Computer Entertainment developed games like Pocahontas, Casper and Speed Freaks.

Funcom has 19 titles including award-winning titles such as The Longest Journey and Anarchy Online, and sold more than 3 million units.

Since 1996 the company has primarily focused on online entertainment, and in June 2001 they released their massive multiplayer game – Anarchy Online.

They have a young and exciting environment with 130 highly skilled employees in their offices in USA and Europe.

▼ GameFly ▼

Rent Video Games Online!

At GameFly, they are on a mission: to put video games where they belong, in the hands of the gamers who love em. Their founders wanted to play all the hottest games. But they could not find a good way to get their mitts on the ones they wanted at least, not without paying 50 bucks each. The video stores never had the good titles in stock, and their friends just could not lend them enough to keep them satisfied. With GameFly, you get the games you really want, and you can play them as long as you like. They have all the top games for PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox and unlike the other guys, we actually have the hottest titles in stock, every day. For one flat monthly fee ($22 bucks a month), GameFly lets you rent as many games as you want, with no due dates, late fees, or shipping charges. And if you like a game so much that you do not want to send it back to them, you can Keep it for their low pre owned game price.

▼ Game Stop ▼

Home Page

PC Platform

PlayStation 2

Headquartered in Grapevine, TX, Game Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Game Stop, Inc., is the world's largest online video game and entertainment software specialty retailer.

Game Inc. sells the most popular new software, hardware and game accessories for the PC and next generation game console systems from Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sega and is also the industry's largest reseller of pre-played games. In addition, sells computer magazines and strategy guides, action figures, collectible trading cards, and other related merchandise to the more than 30 million customers that visit the company's site each year.

▼ Goblin Direct ▼


Goblin is a console and gadgets company with a vision of bringing the UK and Europe all the latest entertainment and electrical consumables from Japan, Hong Kong and the USA, including PC/Windows, Nintendo, Sony PlayStation2, Dreamcast, Gameboy, XBOX, GameCube, and even DVD Movies. Their mission is to provide all product items with a "Value for Money" slogan. They want to give their customers high quality products for the best possible price.

They believe that the Internet offers the future to all commerce, by allowing customers to take control of their shopping experience. They will endeavor to ensure that their service is a seamless eExperience. Their aim is to fully meet their customers' needs and will attempt to source any item not currently available via their site.

▼ Hobbytron▼

Battlebots Pro Series, Lego Mindstorms and much MORE! carries a large selection of fun electronics and toys including robots, remote controls, pc mods, science kits, fm transmitters and more.

▼ KB Toys ▼

Find the perfect gift on any budget. Shop by price at

Discover the same energy, enthusiasm and excitement you experience at your local K•B Toys store online at Since 1922, when the Kaufman Brothers opened the confectionery business that grew into the K•B Family of Stores, their goal has been to give their customers friendly, efficient service, superior selection and great values. Today, they offer the speed of online shopping at combined with the convenience of returns at exchanges at any K•B Toys store.

▼ Lik Sang - Video Game Specialist ▼

Lik Sang is offering about 1000 products directly from Hong Kong for the best prices around. Click here

Lik Sang was established in 1998 as the first Hong Kong based company offering video game and other consumer electronic goods to any kind of buyer type, even to the end customer. Run by motivated and experienced Chinese, European and Japanese staff always striving for providing the best possible service to their valued customers, they have quickly become the largest online video game store located directly in the heart of Asia, the place where everything happens first.

With their main target to provide the best shopping experience, they are constantly trying to increase their product range by seeking hot, innovative and new products which you sometimes will not find in your local store shelves even months later. They are standing in the middle of where the action takes place and will be bringing you first hand news and summaries from the video game and consumer electronic sector.

Lik Sang currently offers video games and consoles including: Sony's PlayStation and PlayStation 2, Nintendo's GameCube and GameBoy, Microsoft's XBOX, and the Sega Dreamcast.  All the games, consoles, hardware, and accessories in one location with great low prices.  Lik Sang, the Video Game Specialists.

▼ N'Lightning Software Development ▼

Visit the N'Lightning Software Home Page.

Download the FREE demo of Catechumen or Ominous Horizons here!

N'Lightning Software's Christian game company is dedicated to providing the gaming community with high quality Christian computer games that have a historical and biblical basis.  N'Lightning Software is an innovator of biblically-based, Christian computer games that provide hours of fun, challenge, and enjoyment.  Each game is carefully designed with varying levels of difficulty so that new users can quickly master a game's objectives and then progress at their own speed to the more detailed complexities and strategies of each game.

Their first Christian computer game title, "Catechumen," has game reviewers praising the game play, unique storyline and concept, and overall quality of this historical action adventure game.  They encourage you to download their free, huge three level demo to see for yourself why these respected game connoisseurs are raving about this intense, high quality computer game that has revolutionized the Christian gaming market.

As if that weren't enough, their team has recently finished its second title, "Ominous Horizons."  With improved graphical environments and artificial intelligence, this new Christian computer game immerses the player in an actual historic setting, creating the perfect blend of action, puzzle solving and adventure!  Ominous Horizons is a fast-paced action adventure game that takes you on a fantastic journey across ancient landscapes in an effort to recover Gutenberg’s first printed Bible.  After you have tried Catechumen, you will definitely want to download the free demo of Ominous Horizons.

▼ Red Wagons ▼

Radio Flyer

Red Wagons offers 4 general categories of wagons; Steel, Wood, Steel with Wood Sides, and Plastic.  Children love wagons and Red is where imaginations and memories are pulled together. They pride themselves on top notch customer service and are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.  If your child wishes to have the classic Radio Flyer Wagon, this is place to make dreams come true!



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